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"Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren't used to an environment where excellence is expected."  
Steve Jobs
Simply ask permission before putting someone on speaker phone. It gives an impression of transparency and respect. 
Executive Coaching for Leaders in Communication, Personal Branding, Strategic Thinking and Cultural Change in Organizations - apply now for your sessions 
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Excellence First is a Beirut-based Executive Coaching practice and Image Management Consultancy specialized in Leadership Coaching, Personal Branding and Corporate Civility training. 

We strive to ensure that you excel in what you do and always maintain a consistent and fitting impression that will last and warrant customer loyalty as well as give you an edge over your competition.

This could be achieved through a series of workshops or a one-to-one coaching, or even on a consultancy basis depending on what your needs and requirements are. We also provide tailor-made (in-house) programs according to the client’s needs as a branding exercise.

One of the most important things to a business is its customers. Without them, you don’t have a business. So we train your staff to give your customers a professional service of excellence that will keep them coming for more. We also strive to ensure that not only your external customers are happy but also your internal ones; your employees, by creating in-house bespoke trainings to suit their every need.

We offer coaching sessions for your executives to identify where they are at present, where they want to be in the future and how to get there in a series of pre-agreed meetings either face-to-face or by phone. In addition to career coaching sessions for your talents to ensure a standard of excellence all round. 

In a customer service-driven market, people will continue to do business with individuals and companies who meet their needs, are consistent and provide them with an added-value service. Excellence First will coach and train your staff and executives on how to feel motivated, confident, communicate effectively, innovate, think strategically, build a culture of trust and project a professional image.

At Excellence First, we also offers diplomats and/or politicians with the right tools to work on forming an image of trust and transparency as well as techniques and practices on Corporate Etiquette and International Protocol, including Public Speaking and Media Etiquette, for a complete package.

Some of Excellence First's definite lines of expertise: Leadership, Commuunication, Personal Branding, Image Management, Time Management, Public Speaking, Business Ethics, Strategic and Creative Thinking, Corporate Culture, Customer Service excellence as well as dealing with conflict in or outside the organization.

Excellence First polishes your professional image by using anchors recognized and valued by those looking for standards of excellence. We strive to ensure that we brand first class leaders for first class impressions. 

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